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Compensation Scheme Executive Secretariat, Sellafield Limited
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NDA Sites

NDA Sites CSMB (Formally BNFL/UKAEA)                                                       

Progress report to the Compensation Scheme Council

The NDA Sites CSMB covers the following Sites / Employers



(Also scheme service provider if not Licensee where stated)


Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd (DSRL)

(Scheme service provided by UKAEA)

LLW Repository

LLW Repository Ltd

(Scheme service supplied by Sellafield Ltd)

Oldbury power station

Wylfa power station

Trawsfynydd power station

Chapelcross power

Hunterston A



Dungeness A

Hinkley Point A

Sizewell A



Magnox Ltd.

(previously RSRL Ltd)

(previously RSRL Ltd)

(Scheme service provided via Sellafield Ltd, except for Harwell and Winfrith where the Scheme service is provided by UKAEA)

Sellafield and Calder works


Sellafield Ltd

Springfields Fuels Limited

(Scheme service provided via Sellafield Ltd)




(Scheme service provided by UKAEA)

With the exception of Culham and Capenhurst, these civil sites are owned by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) and are mostly focusing on decommissioning of nuclear power generation / reprocessing facilities, additionally Springfields site activities include fuel manufacture and the site is leased by NDA to Westinghouse Electrical Company LLC. Further information on the respective sites with links to Employer websites and further information can be can be found at:

The Culham site is one of the world's leading fusion research laboratories and is owned and operated by the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) which is also responsible for the management of historic liabilities relating to past UKAEA operations. Further information on UKAEA’s mission and the Culham site can be found at:


The board has its origins in 1982 upon the creation of the Scheme by BNFL, with other Employers joining over time such as the then UKAEA in 1987. Following industry changes in 2010 the Board was renamed to reflect the scope covered by the Board of primarily NDA Sites.

Annual summary of progress (April 2017 – March 2018)

The NDA Sites CSMB has continued the successful operation of the Scheme and this report notes the key issues since last year’s report to Council. It has met twice during the year:

  • 25 claims have been submitted this financial year compared to 35 reported in the last progress report. The majority (21 of 25) new claims arising have been under the Morbidity Agreement.

  • @ 23rd April, 19 claims were ongoing through screening, of which 17 have been submitted within the financial year period. 5 claims are with Union representatives, awaiting closure/pursual

  • There are currently 14 successful cases progressing towards settlement/completion (7 identified via the retrospection review (4 BNFL/Sellafield Ltd, 2 UKAEA and 1 BNFL/UKAEA joint cases) plus 4 cases arising from the cataract retrospection (4 BNFL/SL) and 2 new cases identified this year

  • 11 cases have been settled (all costs finalised and closed), all arising from retrospection exercise

The CSMB continues to monitor the achievement of target timescales focusing primarily on three key performance indicators:

KPI Target timescale % achieved

Time from receipt of claim to issue of screening data (Case Assessment Report)

6 months


Time from receipt to closure for unsuccessful cases

9 months 55%

Time from receipt to determination for successful cases.

12 months


Key causes of delays:

  • CoD provision (a recurring theme throughout the Scheme)
  • delays in the release of medical records from the NHS
  • delays arising from changes in personnel at Union solicitors
  • delays in provision of data from employers (UKAEA & Springfields)

Progress on retrospection cases

2009 technical basis retrospection:

  • Out of the 19 cases where a claim was received 7 are still ongoing progression to settlement.

Cataract retrospection:

  • 10 identified potential cases
    • 5 are still awaiting response from a claimant.
    • 1 awaiting check of medical records for eligibility
    • 4 identify as successful and progressing to settlement.

Key points for information;

Following the establishment of a new Parent Body Organisation (PBO) for the Magnox Ltd and Research Sites Restoration Ltd (RSRL) Site License Companies (SLCs) in September 2014 the two SLC’s were merged to form a single organization operating as Magnox Ltd and new licenses for Harwell and Winfrith were granted to Magnox Ltd on 01.04.2015 to create a single licensee. Arrangements have been agreed with Magnox Ltd relating to case handling arrangements for claims involving employment at Harwell and Winfrith. UKAEA will continue to lead with the processing of such cases involving employment up to 31.12.2013 and for any case involving employment after 2013 the screening data for after this date will be provided under Magnox’s existing Scheme arrangements.


13th June 2018