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This is the website of the Compensation Scheme for Radiation Linked Diseases.  It is designed to provide potential claimants with the information they need to consider making a claim for compensation.  It details the background of the Scheme – why it was conceived and how it operates.

The Scheme is a joint initiative between the UK nuclear industry’s employers and their respective trades unions.  It provides a means of resolving claims without the need for court action which can be very expensive, lengthy and stressful on all those concerned.  It is also more generous in its assessment of cases as it awards compensation payments at lower levels of causation than would be considered via the court.

Follow the links below to find out more about the Scheme – its history, the participating employers and unions, how to go about making a claim and other information.

  » Scheme History - why the Scheme was conceived and how it has developed
» Scheme Employers, Trades' Unions & Specified Companies - Outbound links to their websites and also a listing of the Specified Companies.
» Making A Claim - Information on eligibility and how to make a claim.
» Case Processing - Information on how cases are processed and the target timescales for each stage.
» Q&A - Some frequently asked questions with answers.
» Annual Statement and reports - The Scheme's Annual Statement and progress reports
» Contact the Scheme - Details of how to contact the Compensation Scheme.
» Reference material and useful links - Information on this and other compensation schemes and the scientific basis.
» Freedom of Information Act - Details about the scheme, its activities and the way it operates as required by the Act.
» Privacy Statement - Details about the scheme, its activities and the way it operates.

We hope you find our site informative and easy to use. If you have any questions which remain unanswered or any comments on how you found our site (good or bad) please let us know by contacting the Scheme .