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Compensation Scheme Executive Secretariat, Sellafield Limited
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Making a Claim

For the Compensation Scheme to accept your claim, you must meet the Scheme's eligibility criteria.

These are:


You must have been employed by one (or more) of the Scheme employers, or their predecessor companies.

For example, if you worked for CEGB at a Magnox site, your claim would be eligible, and it would most probably be taken as a Magnox Ltd case. If you worked for CEGB at an AGR site, your claim would most probably be an EDF Energy Nuclear Generation case. Where groups of employees have been transferred out of a Scheme employer, those employees may still be eligible to claim under the Scheme. These companies are known in the Scheme as "Specified Companies" and a full list may be viewed here. Employees of Specified Companies wishing to make a claim should contact the Scheme. The Scheme does not accept claims from contractors' employees (other than Specified Companies) working at the sites of Scheme employers. If these circumstances apply to you, please contact the relevant employers' Legal Department through their website here.


You must have had an occupational radiation dose with one (or more) of the Scheme employers.

The Scheme works by calculating the probability that a measured radiation exposure has caused a particular disease. Normally in the absence of a dose record, a calculation cannot be made.


You must be (or have been at the time of your relevant employment) a member of one of the Scheme trades' unions (this does not apply to claimants who have been employed by the MOD or served in HM Forces).

The Scheme does not accept claims from non-union members (other than those employed by the Ministry of Defence). If these circumstances apply to you, please contact the relevant employers' Legal Department through their website here.

4 You must have been diagnosed with a disease associated with radiation exposure (referred to as an eligible disease). Alternatively, if the claim relates to a family member who has died from an eligible disease, the claim will be considered if an earlier diagnosis was made or if it was listed as a cause of death on the Death Certificate. A list of both eligible and excluded diseases is here.

To make a claim, you should either:                                                                                                                


Request an Authorisation Form from the Scheme's Executive Secretariat by contacting the Scheme.


Contact your local trades' union representative or local office. They will provide you with the necessary paperwork, information and further guidance. If this route is taken, the Scheme will assume you are a member of the union from the outset of the claim.