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Compensation Scheme Executive Secretariat, Sellafield Limited
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Privacy Statement

This Privacy statement explains what to expect in relation to personal information collected, which is handled and processed by the Compensation Scheme for Radiation Linked Diseases (CSRLD).

The CSRLD is a joint initiative between the UK’s nuclear-sector Employers and their trade unions.

The CSRLD’s purpose is to determine the degree to which a radiation linked disease has been caused as a result of work at a UK nuclear licensed site (or MOD Asset) and identify if the claim qualifies for payment.

We acknowledge and agree that any personal data that we handle will be processed in accordance with Data Protection Law.

The information collected during the claim assessment process is used solely for the purposes of the claim assessment process

The following information is collected and retained when an application is submitted to the CSRLD

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Date of Birth
  • Telephone number(s)
  • National Insurance Number
  • Employer history / detail
  • Occupational Dose Exposure records/data
  • Union Membership
  • Medical Diagnosis Information
  • Proof of Identity – copies of documentation
  • Permission for the Scheme to obtain personal/medical information from employers (past & present) and medical professionals

How will we use the information:

The information is used to identify and to determine if the claim is eligible under the Scheme agreement criteria. It will also be used to request the appropriate employment, occupational dose exposure data and medical information we require to undertake the claim assessment.

How we will contact you:

If we require any further information to enable an assessment to be undertaken, we may contact you directly by phone, on the number(s) you have provided; by email; by letter, at the address you have provided on the application; or via your Union representative who are there to support your claim and act as intermediary between the Scheme and the claimant

Who will view this information:

Information will be shared with specific members of the Scheme – employers (past & present) and their associated Approved Dosimetry Services; medical professionals – both within the Scheme and those you have nominated on the application form; Technical Experts within the Scheme who may be required to provide assistance with the assessment.

Retention of your data:

Data will be retained for a nominated period of 100 years. Scientific research is continuously ongoing and findings can affect the Technical Basis adopted by the Scheme to undertake our assessments. When the Technical Basis adopted by the Scheme changes due to research findings, it has the potential to change the outcome of any claim which has already been assessed.   The Scheme may then re-assess all claims which have previously been handled. However, this can only be achieved if we have retained or have access to the required data.

Additional Information

The Scheme adhere to SL data protection arrangements for data received, processed and retained in the determination of a claim.
For additional information regarding privacy information please refer to the Sellafield Ltd Privacy Statement

Scheme Employers, Trades Unions and Medical Professionals will follow their own data protection arrangements when handling data prior to submission to the Scheme. Queries relating to these activities should be directed to the specific Scheme Employer, Trades Unions or Medical Professional or their Data Protection teams.